Protein Shake vs. Smoothie

Protein Shake and Smoothies are energy drink types. There is a large variety of fruit drinks and energy drinks. Juice makers prepare Protein Shake and Smoothie by mixing a particular combination of fruits and dry protein powders. As fruits are rich in Protein, so are fresh and frozen fruits. Users can make smoothies from whole fruits without peeling, but consumers should cut the fruits into various pieces.

Main Difference

People use both Protein Shake and Smoothie the whole world. Protein Shake has a large amount of Protein, contrary to Smoothie, which has little protein content. Let us briefly view the main differences between Protein Shake and Smoothie.

Introduction to Protein Shake

The Consumer can make Protein Shakes by mixing dry powder of proteins with various liquids. It is easy to make. Protein Shakes are a rich source of Protein. In addition, Protein Shake provides energy to complete your task and brings efficiency. Moreover, technology companies have introduced many electronic devices to prepare Protein shakes.

People consume Protein shakes throughout the whole world. Protein Shakes are also available in commercial shake shops. Proteins are a beneficial energy source, as one gram provides 4.18 Kilojoules of energy. Protein Shakes are also available in flavors like blue and blackberries, bananas, peach, strawberry, watermelon, and many others flavors.

Introduction to Smoothie

Smoothie refers to an energy drink prepared by mixing different fruits and vegetables. Smoothie is particularly a rich source of Protein but less than Protein Shakes. It is a tasty and flavorful drink. Someone can prepare Smoothies from frozen fruits, but we should melt them before using them.

Moreover, Smoothie makes people energetic. The essential ingredients drinkers can add include milk, yogurt, ice cream, ice, sugar, fruits, and many other elements. You can also add many other things which can enhance the taste.

Main differences between Protein Shake and Smoothie:

  • Protein shakes are rich in proteins, while Smoothie has less protein content.
  • Protein Shakes use dry powder ingredients, while Consumers can prepare Smoothie with fresh and frozen fruits.
  • Anyone can prepare Protein Shakes using a juicer and mixer, whiles Consumers can prepare them in a blender.
  • Protein shakes are also available in commercial shops, whereas Smoothie is not available in retail shops.

Comparison chart between Protein Shake and Smoothie

Feature Protein Shake Smoothie
Making Simply using dry protein powder Mixing fresh or frozen fruits
Protein Content High Low
Commercial Availability Yes No
manufacturing In a blender or mixer In blender only


In a nutshell, we can say that the Protein Shake and Smoothie are different things. They vary from each other in protein content and many other aspects. The use of either drink depends on the Consumer’s taste and requirements.