Customers are more satisfied with their purchase from OLX as compared to QUIKR. Let us discuss the main differences between QUIKR and OLX in detail to clarify the confusion of people who don’t know the exact differences between them.

Major Differences

QUIKR and OLX are both online selling and buying marketplaces, with a slight difference between them. OLX refers to huge deals to make money. Also, it is an advertising platform where customers invest their money and get profit. On the other hand, QUIKR works the same as OLX but has many policies that irritate it.

What is OLX?

OLX is an Indian social media application where people buy and sell new and used products. People can buy all accessories, such as electronics, technological devices, groceries, bikes, cars, stationery, kitchen accessories, furniture, and more.

Moreover, it is one spot where you can get all your essential products from one point. Furthermore, it is a pretty safe and secure platform for customers. In addition, if you are rid of your used products and want to sell them reasonably, then OLX is the best platform.


  • One spot shop
  • Widely spreading all across the world
  • Sell your used products at a reasonable price
  • Most trustworthy platform
  • Buy all kinds of essential products
  • Shipping service
  • Customer-to-customer approach
  • Free of cost

What is QUIKR?

QUIKR is an Indian marketplace that works in more than 100 cities in India. On this platform, users can buy their daily life and official products at an honest price. Moreover, QUIKR is a free advertising platform where customers invest their money. You can buy, sell, rent, and find anything you want. It is comparatively less secure as compared to OLX.

Here, you can purchase all products, such as household accessories, furniture, vehicles, electronics, technological devices, and much more, from one place. You not only buy but can also sell or rent your used products at an honest price. In addition, you can sell or buy apartments and plots.


  • Buy all needy products
  • Sell your used products
  • Advertising platform
  • Widely spreading
  • Business-to-customer approach

Key Differences between OLX and QUIKR

  1. OLX is a more safe and more secure buying and selling platform.
  2. QUIKR provides services in India. On the other hand, OLX is working on many activities.
  3. The Headquarters of OLX is in the Netherlands, while QUIKR is in India.
  4. OLX was established in 2006, while QUIKR has been working since 2008.
  5. OLX is an online marketplace, while QUIKR is a marketplace and advertising platform.

Comparison table between OLX and QUIKR

Features OLX QUIKR
Worth $1.281 billion $1.5 million
Nature Online marketplace Advertising and marketplace  platform
Working from 2006 2008
Secure Safe and secure Comparatively less secure


In a nutshell, we can say that OLX and QUIKR are pretty different. They are serving in their respective fields.

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