RAM and ROM are two memory devices that are available in computers. RAM is the Random Access Memory abbreviation that temporarily stores the data in your system. On the other, ROM is the abbreviation of Read-Only Memory.

Main Difference

ROM stores the files and data in the PC permanently. RAM is a volatile memory, while ROM is a non-volatile memory. Moreover, there is a vast difference between RAM and ROM. Let us discuss the main differences between RAM and ROM in detail.

What is RAM?

RAM is the complete form of Random Access Memory. It is a memory storage device that is available on all PCs. In addition, It is a volatile memory that secures your data in the system and stores data temporarily. It is less secure than ROM because when the light is turned off, it loses its data, which is harmful to users.

Moreover, RAM is an expensive device but affordable. Furthermore, it can store data up to 64MB to 4 GB. Users can easily modify the data in RAM. In addition, RAM is divided into two groups named Static and Dynamic RAM. Regarding memory speed, RAM refers to a higher rate than ROM.


  • Users can read and write the data
  • Has a higher capacity to store data
  • Volatile Memory


  • It stores data temporarily
  • Data will be lost when the system is turned off
  • RAM is an expensive device
  • Cannot store data for a long duration

What is ROM?

The complete form of ROM is Read-Only Memory. It is a non-volatile memory. ROM is a storage device where users can access their files, data, documents, and essential information. Users can store data for a long because it refers to permanent storage. Moreover, the speed of ROM is very high, and it can hold a large amount of data quickly. There are three types of ROM and electrically Erasable programmable ROM.

Furthermore, the cost of ROM is cheap, and everybody can afford it. In addition, ROM has less capacity to store data in Memory. ROM data cannot be modified. Lastly, data will not be destructive if you turn off the system. Users can only read the data in ROM.


  • Price is affordable
  • Non-volatile Memory
  • Store the data permanently
  • Data will not be destructed if the system power off
  • It is a fixed memory


  • It cannot be modified
  • Users can only read the Memory
  • Less capacity to store data

Key Differences between RAM and ROM

  1. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, while ROM is the short form of Read Only Memory.
  2. RAM is volatile Memory, whereas ROM is non-volatile Memory.
  3. RAM is highly costly. On the other hand, ROM is cheaper.
  4. RAM stores a large amount of data, while ROM stores less.
  5. Users can only read data in ROM, whereas RAM refers to reading and writing data.
  6. RAM can be modified, while ROM cannot be altered.

Comparison Table between RAM and ROM

Features RAM ROM
Memory Volatile Non-volatile
Storage capability Store a large amount of data Store short amount of data
Stands for Random Access Memory Read Only Memory
Types Static and Dynamic PROM, EPROM, EEPROM
Cost Expensive Cheaper


In a nutshell, we can say that both RAM and ROM are different. They have distinct features.