Difference Between Reddit and Discord – Differences & Comparison

Reddit and Discord are two well-known platforms that are widely spreading all over the world. Both platforms are similar in some ways and have some key differences. Reddit is a popular website allowing users to share news, posts, images, and more. Also, users can leave comments on the positions of other users.

Main Difference

Discord is a communication-based website where you can communicate with people anytime and anywhere. Initially, Discord was a gaming site but later became a communication site. Let us discuss the main differences between Reddit and Discord in detail.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social networking website allowing users to share their comments, news, photos, music, and more. It is an American website and was launched in 2005. Moreover, Reddit is a solutions site that offers all solutions to your problems. It is straightforward to use.

Furthermore, the promotion of the area depends upon the voting by members. The performance of Reddit is excellent. Due to its best performance, 4chan rank it at 24. In addition, Reddit requires free registration. Lastly, it is much more advance and offers a large variety of content.


  • Save comments
  • Source of entertainment
  • Source of news
  • More effective
  • Easy to use
  • Top on ranking by Alexa

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication-based platform that refers to communicate with anyone worldwide. It was launched in 2015. Firstly, Discord was created for gamers but later became a communication source. This platform offers to share videos, photos, links, data, and more. Moreover, it is available on all Androids, iOS, Mac, and Windows. With the help of Discord, users can stay connected to their friends. Furthermore, it is also used for business meetings and connections. In addition, users can share or send data up to 8MB.


  • Voice communication is better
  • A high rating in Google Play Store
  • Offers to share images, videos, and links
  • Free of cost
  • Way of communication
  • Highly scalable

Key differences between Reddit and Discord

  1. Reddit is a content-sharing platform like news. On the other hand, Discord is a communication-based website.
  2. The content format of Reddit links, images, news, and others, while Discord supports text and voice-based communication.
  3. Discord is organized around a server, while Reddit is structured around a subreddit.
  4. The moderator of Reddit oversees the content, while the moderator of Discord allows the users to manage their servers.
  5. Reddit is more classic as compared to Discord.

Comparison Table

Features     Reddit Discord
Launched in 2005 2015
Usage Allow sharing content Communication-based site
Popularity More Popular Comparatively less popular
Community Structured around subreddit Organized around server


We conclude that Reddit and Discord are two different platforms from each other. Both of these platforms offer additional services and features.

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