Score808 vs. Freestreams-live – Differences & Comparison

Score808 and Freestreams-live 1. com. These are two well-known sports streaming platforms that are widely watching in all over the world. These platforms are similar in many ways and have some key differences. Score808 and Freestream-live focus on streaming live sports events such as football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and more. Score808 is a popular streaming website.

Main Difference

Both websites often offer copyright content that makes them less secure. In addition, Freestreams-live is more popular as compared to Score808. Let us discuss the main differences between Score808 and Freestream-live in detail to clarify the exact differences between both.

What is is a free online streaming website you can see anywhere or on any device. provides its viewers with all the sports events of the entire world. Moreover, it shows the live streaming of Football matches, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, and many more sports activities. Viewers can see the stream anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, lead with broadcasters ESPN, CNN, PTV Sports, Skyports, and many more brands. In addition, it is widely spreading all over the world. has a better consumer experience. It sometimes offers pirated content that makes it comparatively less legit.


  • Live streaming anytime and anywhere
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to access
  • Give new matches scheduled
  • Can see anyone around the globe

What is Score808?

Score808 is the best online sports streaming website that allows users to watch various sports events. It includes baseball, soccer, football, cricket, and hockey. Moreover, this platform offers complete updates on matches and sports events such as Italian series A, English premier league, France Ligue 2, and more. Furthermore, Score808 also offers to see the schedule of all sports leagues, matches, and tournaments. Score808 often offers copyrighted and pirated content that makes it less legit.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Better consumer experience
  • Offer to see the schedule
  • Provides all updates
  • Worldwide approach

Key Differences between and Score808

  1. has better quality as compared to Score808.
  2. does not offer a scheduling service, while Score808 offers this service.
  3. Scoer808 has a better consumer experience compared to
  4. has more users in contrast to Score808.
  5. offers more services as compared to Score808.
  6. is safer and more secure as compared to Score808.

Comparison between and Score808

Features Score808
Users number 6.8 million users 5.1 million users
Quality Better quality Good quality
Schedule Service Does not offer offer
Consumer experience Better consumer experience Good consumer experience


In a nutshell, and Score808 are different from each other. Both have additional services and features. Moreover, and Score808 are widely spreading platforms all over the world. People can find all the latest news of Football from these platforms.

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