SCP and SSH are two remote control and protocol devices highly used worldwide for different purposes.

Main Difference

SSH is the short form of Secure Shell, and users use it for logging into remote systems. It allows exchanging data on a secure channel. On the other hand, the complete form of SCP is Secure copy Protocols that users use to transfer fire frames, log files, and language files from a server to a device.

Moreover, users can exchange data between two devices in a network. Let us discuss the differences between SCP and SSH in detail to clarify people’s confusion about both.

What is SCP?

SCP is a network protocol and is the abbreviation of Secure Copy Protol. To transfer the files between two systems in a secure way, SCP is a great choice. The connection between the two systems is encrypted. Moreover, it is available on all Linux and windows operating systems. To avail of its services, users have to create an account.

Furthermore, users use it for many transactions of files such as wireframes, log files, language files, and more. In addition, SCP is efficient but unsuitable for transferring a large amount of data. It is a comparatively slower method to transfer files.


  • The transaction is safe and secure
  • Capacity to compress the data
  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable and legitimate
  • Encrypted

What is SSH?

SSH is a network protocol allowing users to connect two devices or systems. The complete form of SSH is Secure Shell and is used for the remote administration of servers. Mostly, users use it for logging and remote system. Not only for logging but it is also used for transferring files. Moreover, SSH transfers the files privately and safely.

Furthermore, it is a cryptographic network protocol and is widely used worldwide. It keeps the data, like passwords, commands, and outputs, secure because it is completely encrypted. In addition, SSH has various versions, such as SSH-1 and SSH-2.


  • Authentic
  • Use public key cryptographic
  • Widely using
  • Easy to use
  • Remote system
  • Use for logging
  • Use for transferring the files

Key Differences between SCP and SSH:

  1. SSH is used for logging into systems of remote while transferring files between two strategies; users use SCP.
  2. For the execution of remote commands, users use SSH, while this system is not available on SCP.
  3. SSH stands for Secure Shell, while SCP is an abbreviation of Secure Copy Protocol.
  4. In SCP, the users do not know the location of files, while in SSH, users know the exact location.
  5. SCP is more straightforward as compared to SSH.
  6. SCP is easier to use and more legitimate as opposed to SSH.

Comparison table between SCP and SSH

Features SCP SSH
Used for Transfer the files Logging remote system
Use Easy to use Comparatively less easy to use
Location Users do not know the exact location of files Users know the precise position of files
Stand for Secure Copy Protocol Secure Shell


In a nutshell, we can say that both SCP and SSH differ. However, we would recommend you prefer SCP.

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