Scribe Wheels vs. Hunt Wheels: What’s the Difference?

At Scribe, we’re always looking to improve our products and make them better than the rest out there. Our new wheels are no exception! Here’s a comparison of the similarities and differences between the Scribe and Hunt wheels, including some of their key features! If you have any questions about these products, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or on social media!

Scribe Wheels

Scribe Wheels are more difficult to use and they don’t allow much flexibility. The advantage of a scribe wheel is that it doesn’t need to be rotated, which saves time. If you’re not an experienced scribe user, you may want to avoid this option altogether.

Hunt Wheels

If you’re looking for a wheel that can do it all, look no further than the Hunt Wheel. Whether you’re hitting the pavement or taking on off-road terrain, the Hunt Wheel can handle it. With a tough aluminum construction, this wheel is built to last. You’ll also appreciate the easy-to-use quick release system. And, with its high profile and deep treads, the Hunt will give you maximum performance over any surface. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a set of Hunt Wheels today!

Physical Differences Between The Two

When you compare Scribe and Hunt wheels side-by-side, you’ll notice a few key physical differences. For starters, Scribe wheels are slightly larger in diameter than Hunt wheels. They also have a more aggressive tread pattern, which helps provide better traction on rough terrain.

Additionally, Scribe wheels are made from a softer compound than Hunt wheels, which makes them more forgiving if you hit a pothole or bump into something while riding. The softness of Scribe wheels does not come at the expense of durability though, as they’re engineered to last just as long as Hunt wheels.

In addition, Scribe tires are built with soft sidewalls that help prevent punctures when hitting objects such as curbs. All of these features make Scribe tires a popular choice for e-bikes with smaller 20 or 24 wheels. You can get away with a slightly narrower tire on these bikes, because their small size means there’s less surface area touching the ground (which increases rolling resistance).

If you prefer to ride an e-bike that has bigger 26 or 28 wheels, then a Hunt tire might be your best bet. These wider tires have lower rolling resistance and will offer a smoother ride over obstacles like rocks and curbs.

Lifestyle Differences Between The Two

If you’re looking for a wheel that will help you get around town quickly and efficiently, then you want a Scribe wheel. Scribe wheels are designed for commuting and getting around town. They’re lightweight and easy to maneuver. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your personality. The downside is these types of wheels can’t handle as much as weight or torque as their counterparts so these are not recommended for off-roading or trail riding.

Hunt Wheels, on the other hand, are built for long distances and rugged terrain. If you need a tough wheel that can handle almost anything thrown at it then Hunt Wheels is the way to go. These heavy duty wheels are specifically made for dirt trails and back country roads. These types of wheels might be more expensive than Scribe but they’ll last longer and do more work with less effort which makes them worth the investment if you’re out adventuring all day. Another thing to keep in mind is how fast the two types of wheels can go. Scribe wheels usually have speeds up to 30 mph while Hunt Wheels are usually only rated up to 20 mph.

It all depends on what you’re using your wheel for and where you’re using it. If you only need to use it around town then Scribe is fine but if you’re looking for something more serious like off-roading, cross country riding or track racing then Hunt Wheels are right for you. If you still aren’t sure which type of wheel to buy, consider talking to one of our expert representatives who can help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.


If you’re looking for a durable, all-purpose wheel that can handle any terrain, Scribe wheels are a great option. If you’re looking for a lighter weight wheel that’s built for speed, Hunt wheels are the way to go. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you’ll be using your bike for most and what kind of riding you’re planning on doing.