Shein vs. Zara – Comparison & Differences

Main Difference

Shein and Zara are the world’s largest fashion retailers selling clothes, skincare, shoes, and many more items. Zara is more famous than Shein. Moreover, Zara has more physical stores.

Shein vs Zara

Shein has fewer physical stores. Zara dresses quality is high as compared to the Shein. Zara and Shein are the world’s largest brands and have affordable prices. Shein gives more discounts as compared to Zara. Let us discuss the main differences between Zara and Shein in detail.

What is Shein?

Shein is the world’s largest online fashion retailer and is a popular website famous for its affordable prices. Its particular focus is on women’s outlets and offers men’s and children’s clothes, many clothes and shoes, and skincare accessories.

Shein clothes are good quality and give many discounts to people. In addition, it is a Chinese business website founded in 2008 and widely spread worldwide. Shein sold tops, skirts, apparel, bottoms, and many dresses. The shipping fee is low; it takes almost two weeks to deliver the order. Furthermore,  If a customer purchases over $50, it offers free shipping. It takes fashion in the modern era.


  • Shipping service
  • Huge variety of collections
  • Good quality
  • Affordable prices
  • Legitimate
  • Fashion according to the modern era

What is Zara?

Zara, a clothing retailer based in Spain, is the world’s largest brand and sells clothes, makeup products, and perfumes. Zara rapidly changes the fashion trend and shows its collection quickly. Moreover, It has many stores all over the world.

It delivers new clothes fast to its stores, and Zara offers women, men, children, and many other accessories. Its dresses are available at affordable prices. In addition, Its shipping fee is almost 50 dollars, and you can deliver your order within two to four days. When you purchase more than $50, it offers free shipping.


  • Fastest shipping
  • Legitimate
  • World largest brand
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to access
  • Affordable prices

Key Differences between Shein and Zara

  1. Zara has the most physical stores. On the other hand, Shein does not have more physical stores.
  2. Shein products have less quality. On the other hand, Zara products have more quality.
  3. Zara prices are higher when you do not qualify for free shipping than Shein.
  4. Zara delivers your order quickly as compared to the Shein.
  5. Shein provides more discounts in contrast to Zara.
  6. Zara ships in about 100 countries, and Shein Ships in over 150 countries.
  7. Shein dresses are cheap, and Zara dresses are pretty expensive.

Comparison table between Shein and Zara

Features Shein Zara
Deliver customer order Within almost two weeks Within 2 to 4 days
Shipping Slowly Fastly
Quality Good High
Discounts Give more discounts Fewer discounts


In a nutshell, we can say that Shein and Zara are different. They differ in terms of their features and functions.