Sickipedia vs. 9GAG – Comparison & Differences

Main Difference

Sickipedia and 9GAG are two well-known websites that are widely using in all over the world. Both platforms are similar in many ways and different from each other. In addition,  Wikipedia offers entertaining content but often provides aggressive and offensive content that makes it less secure.

Sickipedia vs. 9GAG

9GAG also provides a large amount of content, but compared to Sickipedia, 9GAG offers more lighthearted content and has a massive base of users. Moreover, users can find a vast range of content such as videos, memes, Gigs, images, and more from Sickipedia and 9GAG. Let us discuss the differences between Sickipedia and 9GAG in detail to clarify the confusion of the users.

Introduction To Sickipedia

Wikipedia is a popular website and platform that provides users with much content, such as videos, memes, images, and more. Moreover, this platform was created in 2006 and now has a more extensive user base and followers.

Furthermore, Wikipedia touches on sensitive topics such as religion, politics, language, race, etc. Moreover, it often faces criticism from some organizations and persons due to its dark and inappropriate content. Furthermore, due to its offensive content, everyone can not use this website.


  • Wide range of content
  • A large number user base
  • Widely spreading
  • Easy to access
  • Offensive content
  • Controversial content
  • Dark tone

Introduction To 9GAG

9GAG is a famous website that offers users a massive range of content, such as funny videos, memes, photos, and more. Moreover, 9GAG was developed in 2008 and has become a viral content source.

Moreover, 9GAG offers lighthearted, entertaining content and has a wider range of user base. Furthermore, this site is free to use and allows users to share their content and leave comments on the posts.


  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Broadly spreading
  • Massive range of content
  • Allow sharing content

Key Differences between Sickipedia and 9GAG

  1. 9GAG has a broader range of content as compared to Wikipedia.
  2. 9GAG has an enormous range of user base in contrast to Sickipedia.
  3. Wikipedia often offers offensive content. On the other hand, 9GAG often offers lighthearted content.
  4. The tone of Wikipedia’s content is dark, but the 9GAG content is primarily playful.
  5. Sickipedia often faces criticism from organizations, but 9GAG is a fully secured platform.
  6. 9GAG allows users to share content like memes and videos on the website. On the other hand, Wikipedia does not allow users to share content.

Comparison Table

Features     Sickipedia 9GAG
Launched in 2006 2008
User base Less user base Large user base
Content base Offensive content Lighthearted content
Tone Dark tone Playful content


In short, Sickipedia and 9GAG are two different platforms from each other. We conclude that both are different concerning tone, content base, focus, moderation, and user base.

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