StoriesIG vs Dumpor – Comparison & Differences

StoriesIG and Dumpor are entertaining platforms that refer users to watch entertaining content on Instagram. Both are directly linked with Instagram. StoriesIG allows users to see what their friends are doing and are up to in their daily lives.

Main Difference

Dumpor offers to watch stories and posts on Instagram anonymously. If you want to search for someone and do not know the username, then Dumpor is very useful. In addition, StoriesIG and Dumpor are widely using in all over the world. Let us discuss the main differences between Dumpor and StoriesIG in detail.

What is Dumpor?

Dumpor is a famous website where users can view pictures, stories, reels, videos, and more. It is an entertaining platform that provides a lot of entertainment content. Also, users can download their favorite data from their favorite list. Dumpor makes accessibility to view deleted data easily. The stories on Instagram may be browsed ao may be analyzed with Dumpor.

Moreover, it refers to free-of-cost services, and the search is very straightforward. Furthermore, Dumpor is also available in chrome and firefox. In addition, users can also avail of the benefits of Dumpor on iOS, Android, smartphones, and other devices. It is easy to download its official application from Google Play Store or App Store.


  • Free of cost
  • Access to deleted data from Instagram
  • Available on all devices
  • Easy to use
  • Download stories, images, and platform Instagram
  • No need to log in

What is StoriesIG?

StoriesIG is a well-known application allowing users to view their friends’ actions. On this platform, users can share posts with their friends. Moreover, users can view Instagram stories without login and registration. StoriesIG allows only viewing public profiles, not private profiles. Furthermore, users can download any post, photo, story, or video for free. In addition, the Instagram account is not necessary to view reports on StoriesIG.


  • Safe and secure
  • Allow downloading posts and stories
  • Legitimate
  • No need for a login
  • The account is not necessary
  • Multicapture
  • View posts and stories anonymously
  • Encryption

Key Differences between StoriesIG and Dumpor

  1. Dumpor is a more famous platform as compared to StoriesIG.
  2. Dumpor has more visitors and viewers in contrast to StoriesIG.
  3. StoriesIG has more bounce rate as compared to Dumpor.
  4. Males mostly like Dumpor, while females mostly prefer StoriesIG.
  5. StoriesIG is more secure and reliable as compared to Dumpor.

Comparison table between StoriesIG and Dumpor

Features Dumpor StoriesIG
Log in I need to log in No need to log in
Account Account is necessary No need to create an account
Users More visitors Comparatively fewer visitors


In a nutshell, we can say that StoriesIG and Dumpor differ. However, StoriesIG is more convenient.

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