Storyboards vs. Mixtiles

Storyboards and Mixtiles are two application that provides adhesive-free tiles for photos. There is no need for nails and a fit-in wall to paste these tiles, and Mixtiles are more expensive photo tiles than Storyboards. There is a slight difference between Mixtiles and Storyboards.

Main Difference

Storyboards offer free shipping anytime and anywhere, but Mixtiles does not provide this service to their customers. Furthermore, photo tiles are widely used instead of other photo frames due to their high quality. These tiles do not damage your walls, which is an excellent feature. Let us discuss the main differences between Storyboards and Mixtiles in detail.

What are Storyboards?

Storyboards is an application that offers the highest quality photo tiles to customers. These tiles are highly demanded all over the world. The tiles are very lightweight, which decreases the risk of falling and damage. Due to its fastest shipping, customers can quickly get their orders to their doorstep. Moreover, the shipping is free of cost. There is no need for nails to paste the tiles on walls; that saves the walls from damage. More than 40000 customers love Storyboards.

Furthermore, the tiles are totally warp and bubble-proof. In addition, Storyboards is very easy to install and available on all smartphones, iOS, laptops, and computers. Just upload photos to Storyboards and get your fabulous family photo tiles that are adhesive fee.


  • Free shipping service
  • Fastest shipping
  • Highest quality tiles
  • Easy to install
  • No need for nails
  • Adhesive free
  • Affordable cost of tiles
  • Bubble proof
  • Not damage the walls
  • Rearrange option

What are Mixtiles?

Mixtiles are photo frame applications that offer a wide range of frames and tiles. Here customers can buy gorgeous frames of babies, weddings, Christmas, natural scenes, and more. Moreover, there is also an option to get your own, family, and friends’ photos. Its process is straightforward. Just log in to Mixtiles, send your images, and wait for your order. Mixtiles supplies your order to your doorstep in a short time. These tiles make your wall adorable and attractive.

Furthermore, nails are not needed because you can stick the photos directly. In addition, the quality of photo frames is very high. Shipping is accessible all over the world. Mixtiles do not damage your wall, and there is also an option to rearrange the photo from one place to another place.


  • No need for nails
  • Lightweight
  • Highly demanded
  • Affordable cost
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • It makes your wall charming
  • Refund service

Key Differences between Storyboards and Mixtiles

  1. Mixtiles are more expensive as compared to Storyboards.
  2. The weight of tiles of Mixtiles, in contrast to Storyboards, is lighter.
  3. Storyboards offer photos in the form of tiles, while Mixtiles are photo frames.
  4. The active customers of Mixtiles, compared to Storyboards, are more.
  5. The quality of tiles is much more reasonable as compared to Mixtiles.
  6. Storyboards refer to UV printing tiles, while Mixtiles are not UV printed.

Comparison table between Storyboards and Mixtiles

Features Storyboards Mixtiles
Pricing Cheap Expensive
Base Tiles based Photo frame based
Customers 250000 In millions
Start in 1930 2016
Quality Highest quality Good quality


In a nutshell, we can say that Storyboards and Mixtiles differ. They have distinct functions and features.

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