Telegram vs. Telegram X

Telegram and TelegramX are communication-based messaging tools. Millions of people use their services without knowing the main differences between Telegram and TelegramX.

Main Difference

Although Telegram and Telegram X have extraordinary features, they are pretty different. Telegram and TelegramX are safe and secure messaging platforms. Everyone should know the critical differences between Telegram and TelegramX. Here, we will provide basic information about these apps and the main differences between these apps.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is one of the most favorite messaging operations in the world. Everyone can enjoy the services of Telegram from the same part of the world. All its chats are end-to-end encrypted. It is a free-of-cost messaging tool that helps you convey your message to anyone in any part of the world.

Telegram also provides audio and video calling features that are end-to-end encrypted. Once you send a letter to a person, he can not forward your message. Another exciting part of Telegram is that it does not require any login or registration to use its services. No phone number and no email are required. You have to download the app and enjoy Telegram.

What is Telegram X?

Telegram X is called the clone version of Telegram. It is the most advanced cloud-based application that avails you of chat and calling services. Users can easily share their pictures, videos, documents, and other files. It is unavailable on Play Store, so users can download it from APK and other clone sites.

It provides fast services than Telegram. TelegramX avails consumers of more features than Telegram, e.g., instant data sharing and no restriction on the sending material. Telegram X is becoming popular due to its privacy feature. It is straightforward to use.

Key Differences between Telegram and Telegram X

  • Telegram X has more safe end-to-encryption system than Telegram.
  • It avails to save messages but Telegram lack this feature.
  • Telegram X does not have a dark mode feature, whereas Telegram provides this service.
  • It is a faster way than Telegram the transformation of messages.
  • Telegram X has a call menu in the main bar, while Telegram has separate bars for call and chat functions.
  • Telegram is a Genuine app, while TelegramX is a clone version.

Comparison Chart between Telegram and TelegramX:

Telegram              Telegram X
Original version Clone version
Dark mode feature No dark mode feature
Message forwarding prohibited Forwarding of the message is possible
Weak end-to-end encryption Strong end-to-end encryption


In a nutshell, we can say that Telegram and Telegram X differ in many aspects. Telegram is the first version, while Telegram X is a clone version. Telegram X is a clone version that offers some prohibited services to the consumer. I hope these arguments make your mind clear about the differences between these apps. For further information, read more on our website.