Tesla vs. Lucid Motors

Tesla and Lucid are the two names in the auto industry that have become synonymous with electric cars. These companies make some of the most popular electric vehicles on this planet. But they do differ, and only one can be said to be better than the other. Let us compare features, specifications, prices and everything that there is to know about these two companies and find out which is the best electric car.

What is Tesla?

Tesla vs. Lucid Motors

Tesla is a company that the legendary investor, Elon Musk, started. The cars produced by Tesla are called ‘electric cars,’ but this name does not tell you anything about the kind of propulsion system they use to move forward.

Unlike most other electric or hybrid-electric cars, Tesla uses electric motors to propel itself forward. Now, these motors are not like the ones in your remote-controlled vehicles, where you have to change the direction of the motors used for steering. These motors are individually controlled and can work in either direction depending upon the need of the situation.


  • Auto-pilot mode
  • One-touch control for opening doors, trunk, etc
  • Completely electric cars, no fuel needed
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared to petrol/diesel cars
  • Can be charged with Solar power


  • High price when compared to other electric cars
  • Long charging time when comparison made

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What is Lucid?

Tesla vs. Lucid Motors

Lucid is a very new company when compared to Tesla. The cars produced by this company are also called ‘electric cars.’

Unlike Tesla cars that use individual electric motors, Lucid uses an engine for both driving and steering. This type of propulsion system makes it very easy to control the car and get very good mileage.


  • The battery can be changed in less than 5 minutes
  • Cruise control mode available
  • Reduced maintenance costs when compared with petrol cars
  • Can be charged with Solar power
  • High-end tech included is not present in Tesla cars like panoramic roofs etc.


  • High price when compared to Tesla cars
  • Not as fast as Tesla cars

Key Differences

The key difference between the two cars is the type of motor used to move forward. Tesla makes use of individual motors that can be controlled to go in either direction as per the need of the situation. On the other hand, Lucid uses a single engine that can propel both forward and backward at the same time with two independent transmissions.

These are some of the unique features that Tesla offers, which makes it stand apart from many other cars in the market. ‘Auto pilot’

This mode helps the driver take their hands off the steering when they are on highways and freeways. The car would automatically control itself and move as per the given instructions by the driver.

One of Tesla’s biggest cons is its price. The prices of Tesla cars start at around $70,000 and go up to $140,000 for the specially made ones. On the other hand, Lucid begins at a much lower price of about $60,00, which is slightly higher than its competitor’s entry-level model.

Comparison Chart between Tesla and Lucid

  1. Tesla allows you to take complete control of the car with individual electric motors. Lucid does it by using a single engine that can propel both forward and backward at the same time.
  2. Tesla has a price tag almost double that of Lucid’s, which starts at around $60,000.Lucid cars are slightly faster than Tesla cars.
  3. Tesla has a ‘self-driving’ mode that helps you take your hands off the steering when on highways, freeways, and in traffic. Lucid does not have this feature.
  4. Tesla is an electric car that can be charged using Solar power, while Lucid cannot.
  5. Tesla has a range of up to 310 miles higher than Lucid’s 240-mile range.
  6. Tesla makes use of high-tech features like panoramic roofs, touch-sensitive keyless entry, etc. Lucid uses luxury features like a state-of-the-art entertainment system and a fully electric car with no emissions.
  7. The batteries on Tesla cars can be replaced in less than one hour, while it takes around 5 minutes on Lucid.
  8. The battery pack on Tesla cars can get completely charged in around 30 minutes, while on Lucid, it takes 50 minutes to get completely charged.
  9. Lucid has a much faster pick-up speed than Tesla, which is very useful for racing.


If your choice is based purely on the price, Lucid would be a very good choice. However, if you are looking for fast cars with all the bells and whistles included, then Tesla is the better option.

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