TikTok vs Likee

TikTok and Likee are social media applications that users use to watch, edit, and share short videos. Both are more famous, and the creator uses filters and background music for videos. TikTok has a wide range of market share apps as compared to Likee. TikTok is very famous compared to Likee.

Main Difference

Both apps can be downloaded on Androids and iOS mobiles. Let us discuss the main differences between TikTok and Likee in detail.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a free social application that users can watch, edit, share, and create short videos. It is a popular app in which users can shoot almost 15-second videos on mobile and webcam and set the music and sound in the background of the video according to their choice. TikTok quality is the most powerful and widely used and spreading app.

This app uses young people to show their dance, singing, comedy, lip-syncing, and many more. In addition, it allows the creators to share the others. People earn money and become famous through this app. Users can shoot videos on any topic. Almost 200 billion-plus users download this app around the globe. Creators can use the filters that make their videos perfect.


  • Give the best video quality
  • Easy to download the videos
  • Widely spreading
  • Creators use the filters
  • Famous day-by-day

What is Likee?

Likee is a short video-creating app where users can share their short videos, and it is downloaded in Android and iOS operating systems. Likee has more than 300 million downloaders. It is suitable for more than 13 ages. Users can earn money from this app; if the video is tending, the creator becomes a social media star.

In the Likee, users can easily create a video and use funny music, song, and emotional music in the background of the video. Creators can edit the video and use filters and stickers. Its features are the best, and creators make incredible videos throughout this app.

Key Differences between TikTok and Likee

  1. TikTok has a significant market share as compared to Likee.
  2. TikTok is become more popular and spreading as compared to Likee.
  3. People earn more money in TikTok in contrast to Likee.
  4. Likee has more features. On the other side, TikTok has fewer features.
  5. Likee has more artificial intelligence in comparison to TikTok.
  6. Likee gives more filters, realistic hair, and 4D magic compared to TikTok.

Comparison tables between TikTok and Likee

Features TikTok Likee
Downloaders 2 billion More than 300 million
Video quality High Comparatively less
Worthful More worthful Less worthful
Filter range Less More


In a nutshell, we can say that both TikTok and Likee are pretty different. These apps are different in terms of their quality, features, and many other aspects. However, it depends upon the approach of the consumers.

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