USB is the abbreviation of Universal Serial Bus, while USB-A and USB-C are the two well-known versions of USB. USB-A is comparatively old compared to USB-C. They have similarities as well as differences. Moreover, USB-C is more efficient in contrast to USB-A type. Typically have identical functions.

Main Difference

USB-C is the most versatile device that transfers data fast. On the other hand, USB-A is the oldest data-transferring device from one PC to another. Let us briefly discuss the significant differences between USB-A and USB-C.

What is USB-A?

USB-A is the oldest version of USB. It is used to transform data from one device to another. It has an overall connector length. It is an intelligent device that can be easily adjustable in every person’s pocket.

Moreover, USB-A is commonly used to couple peripherals. It can be easily connected to all desktop devices. They come in a variety of depending on their data-storing capabilities. USB-A is compatible with old android devices, LEDs, and other electronic devices. It is a cheap product and readily available everywhere.


  • Versatile device
  • Data transferring device
  • Data saving device
  • Connectable with all PCs
  • Additional features

What is USB-C?

USB-C is the versatile form of USB, which is more potent than USB-A. It has more capacity to transfer data from one system to another with great speed. It has 24 pin connection width. It operates in several modes. Moreover, USB-C is widely used worldwide due to its better services.

Furthermore, it is the more advanced universal serial bus that has an excellent capacity for data storage. Therefore, it is always in great demand all over the world. USB-C is adjustable to advanced devices like Apple’s gadgets, which include its Mobiles, Mac books, and laptops.


  • It is more versatile
  • More powerful
  • Quickly charged devices
  • Massive data storage capacity
  • Fast data transformation

Key Differences between USB-A and USB-C

  1. USB-C is the more versatile form of USB as compared to USB-A.
  2. USB-C is more potent than USB-A.
  3. USB-C has a greater tendency to transfer data from one device to another than USB-A.
  4. USB-C, in contrast to USB-A, has more capacity for data storage.
  5. In the present era, USB-C is more valuable than USB-A.
  6. USB-C is a slim device as compared to USB-A.

Comparison table of USB-A vs. USB-C

Feature USB-A USB-C
Versatile Less More
Data capacity Low High
Data transformation at Low Speed High Speed
Availability to smartphones Yes No
Cost less High


In a nutshell, we can say that USB-A and USB-C are pretty different. They have other functions and additional working capabilities. Although they look similar, there are significant differences in their features and working capacities.

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