Verbal vs. Non-Verbal Communication

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication are two ways to communicate with other. Verbal Communication is Communication in which we use language, tongue, words, and sentences. On the other hand, in Non-Verbal Communication, there is no need for words and sentences.

Main Difference

You can communicate with others with the help of your body language, facial expressions, or hand expressions. If you are confused about Verbal and non-verbal Communication, let us discuss the significant differences between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication.

What is Verbal Communication?

Verbal Communication is the most effective path to Communication or conservation with others. You can talk to others using your voice, words, and sentences. Moreover, Verbal Communication may be oral or may be written. In oral Communication, you talk face-to-face with others through lectures and conservation with family members at home. Phone call communication is also a form of Verbal Communication. On the other hand, in written communications, you can communicate with others by writing messages, letters, and emails. In addition, Verbal Communication is the fastest way to convey your message to others.


  • Easy way to convey a message
  • The fastest method to send and receive a message
  • An effective path of Communication

What is Non-Verbal Communication?

Non-Verbal Communication is also a way of communicating with others. It does not require voice or words. You can talk with someone through signs, body language, and facial expressions. Compared to Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication is time-consuming. Also, it is a less effective way of conservation. In many countries, when presidents address the audience, they have translators who convey their message in hand and figure signs. Lastly, both people must be present in their front for Communication.


  • Time-consuming communication way
  • A less effective path of conservation
  • It is necessary for the presence of both sides in front of each other

Key Differences between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

  1. Verbal Communication is the most effective path of Communication compared to Non-Verbal Communication.
  2. Non-Verbal Communication takes more time as opposed to Verbal Communication.
  3. In Non-Verbal Communication, the presence of both sides is in front, whereas in Verbal Communication, it is not necessary.
  4. Verbal Communication use voice. On the other hand, voice is not needed.
  5. In Verbal Communication, users talk with words and sentences. While in Non-Verbal Communication, we speak in signs and by body language.

 Comparison table of Verbal vs. Non-Verbal Communication

Features Verbal Communication Non-Verbal Communication
Language Voice language Body language
Effectiveness More effective Less effective
Communication path Words and sentences Signs, expressions
Presence of both side Not necessary Necessary


In a nutshell, we can say that Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication is different. Both types of Communication are very effective in conveying our messages.