VidIQ vs. Tube Buddy – Comparison & Differences

vidIQ and Tube Buddy are popular Youtube optimization tools that help the creator views and subscribers. Both have a user-friendly interface and are easy to use. vidIQ and Tube Buddy has paid and free and paid version.

Main Difference

vidIQ has boost features to promote the videos to the audience, while this feature is not available in Tube Buddy. Furthermore, Tube Buddy tells creators the best time to publish the videos. On the other hand, Tube buddy does not give this offer. Let us discuss the main differences between vidIQ and Tube Buddy in detail.

What is vidIQ?

vidIQ is a popular Youtube optimization tool to increase creator views and subscribers. The vidIQ paid and free version. The paid version is very cheap and easily fits the creator’s budget. It has a user-friendly interface, and its tools are easy to use. It also provides many devices, such as track analytics, video optimization suggestions, etc.

In addition, vidIQ helps the creator discover the best keyword used in their videos, and they can come into the search ranking list. It gives the tags an offer, and the creator makes their tags better. Its track has a wide range of metrics about video performance, such as views, watch time, and many more.

The Creator can view other competitors’ performance and see the tags and keywords. vidIQ also helps creators to promote their videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.


  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Gives optimization tip
  • Research the keywords
  • Available in paid and free versions

What is Tube Buddy?

Tube Buddy is the optimization and management tool that helps grow user content. It provides many features, such as track analytics and suggested video optimization. Tube Buddy has paid and free versions. It helps to make the schedule for their video released for optimal engagement.

In addition, it is straightforward to use and has a user-friendly interface. When the audience is active, it tells the first the best time to upload the video. Tube Buddy has a feature to test different titles, descriptions, and thumbnails of videos to find a better version. It keeps the main focus on productivity tools and workflow management. Furthermore, it is also a generator of thumbnails.


  • Provide productivity tools
  • Provide analytics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available in paid and free versions

Key Differences between vidIQ and Tube Buddy

  1. Tube Buddy focuses on workflow management, while vidIQ typically focuses on competitor analysis.
  2. Testing of video, thumbnail, and titles is available in vidIQ. On the other hand, it is not available in Tube Buddy.
  3. The pricing of the subscription plan of vidIQ starts from 7.50 dollars per month compared to the pricing of Tube Buddy, which starts from 9 dollars per month.
  4. Tube Buddy tells you the best time to publish the videos. On the other side, vidIQ does not offer this service.
  5. The social media promotion features are available on vidIQ but not in Tube Buddy.
  6. vidIQ offers boost features to promote the videos to the audience; in contrast, this feature is unavailable in Tube Buddy.

Comparison Table

Feature vidIQ Tube Buddy
Pricing $7.50 $9
Video Scheduling No Yes
Thumbnail, titles Available Not available
Focus on Competitor analysis Workflow management


It is concluded that vidIQ and Tube Buddy are pretty different. These platforms are other in terms of their features and functions.

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