VidMate vs. vs. What are the Differences?

YouTube is the most popular video streaming site in the world, but not everyone wants to use it because of some of its downsides. Is there an alternative? This article compares VidMate with two YouTube-related websites – YTMP3 and YTMP4 – so you can decide which one to choose for your downloading needs.

What is VidMate?

It doesn’t allow you to download videos on your devices. It can only convert it into other video formats. Free to use as long as no premium features are accessed/used. No ads in the app, but have ads when accessing via browser or other apps (like Facebook, and YouTube). YTM MP3: The best YouTube music mp3 downloader that can convert almost any song found on YouTube into mp3 format with a single click or tap on the button!

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What is

High-Quality Music, No Ads, Premium Features – YTMP3 is a popular music downloader and converter which helps you to download MP3 from YouTube. This free service does not contain any form of advertisement or malware. You can easily download your favorite YouTube videos to listen to later offline on your PC or even burn them to CDs for car ride listening pleasure and more!

What is

This platform doesn’t show ads, unlike Vidmate (Youtube mp3 downloader), or which charge about $100 per year for a pro account to remove ads from their websites. So, you can use YTMP4 to download videos from youtube without any disturbance of popups or banner ads present on these sites, which does increase your efficiency and saves time as well since you don’t have to stop downloading just because some unwanted popup is showing up on your screen!

Difference Between VidMate, and

While there are hundreds of ways to download music from YouTube, including using browser extensions like Video Downloader for Chrome or Video DownloadHelper for Firefox, and Flvto YouTube Downloader, many people prefer a dedicated video download site that offers both audio and video downloads of their favorite songs and videos. With high-quality audio and video downloads at a low price, VidMate is one of those go-to sites, but it’s not without competition from alternatives like MP3Juices.

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Google took a lot of time to deliver quality results on YouTube, while Vidmate has faster results by cutting off all unnecessary data before loading video. The speed depends on your internet connection, obviously, but in an average case, you’ll see that Vidmate will display videos 5-10 seconds faster than other apps available for downloading YouTube videos for free.

Platform compatibility

One obvious advantage of VidMate is that it has a mobile app, which allows you to download videos and music, regardless of your phone platform (iOS or Android). On top of that, it can work on Windows and Mac as well. This means that regardless if you are using an Apple or a non-Apple device, you can use VidMate to download video and audio content from YouTube and all other major video sites online (like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.).

Free services vs paid service

Both services cost money to use, but VidMate has a free version that allows you to download only 5 songs per month on their premium plan. If you want more songs than that, you have to pay for it – and it gets pretty expensive over time.

The cost of using free services

No matter how good a free service is, there will always be a cost associated with it—your data and privacy. When you use VidMate or another third-party video downloader, your activity is linked to an account attached to your email address and device identification information that can be traced back to you directly (through IP logs). Third-party video downloaders also require access to your location data to determine whether or not videos are restricted by region.

Format options

Videos are popular, but often you’ll want to download a video for offline viewing or watching on your mobile device. This is where YouTube MP3 converters come in handy; they’re faster and easier than regular video converters and some do additional things like embedding closed captions in your video or syncing audio with a select portion of your screencast.


The Quality of a video depends on two factors, how fast you can download it and what resolution it is. Resolution means nothing if you are only downloading at 200 KB/s, but is everything if you’re downloading at 5 MB/s+. The quality varies greatly between each site so make sure to read reviews before deciding on your choice for a downloader.

Download numbers

Downloads are an important metric in determining which platforms are worth your time and effort. The higher these numbers, generally speaking, the more people are watching your videos on that platform—which is obviously a good thing.

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Ease of use

YTMp3 is a program built for easily converting youtube videos, while Vidmate is an app with more features but less ease of use (these are just my opinions, btw). With YTMp3 you can convert a video in under 10 seconds, while it could take upwards of 5 minutes with Vidmate (but you’ll get more control over quality with Vidmate). But if you need things fast and easy, then YTMp3 will work well for you.


For most people, VidMate is a great free service for downloading MP3s from YouTube videos, but it can be slightly trickier to use than some of its competitors. If you don’t mind spending money on something more straightforward and also faster (albeit slower than using a desktop tool), then YTMP3 is worth a try.