Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are both image-viewing tools that help you to differentiate between virtual and genuine pictures. These are a combo of real and virtual images. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are 3D headphones showing high-resolution movies and pictures.

Major Differences

Virtual Reality converts real life into virtual life. On the other hand, Augmented Reality replaces real life with artificial virtual images. Many people are confused about what is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

So let us discuss the main differences between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to clarify their confusion.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the 3D headphones set that is a source of entertainment. It replaces real life with virtual life, adding music, existence, sound, and other features. But users cannot cut off from actual real life.

Moreover, it refers to the user’s real-world scenes. Users can get expensive it on this platform from their smartphones and PCs. In addition, users can freely move here and there during Augmented Reality.


  • It is a mixture of a natural and non-real life
  • It does not demand a headset
  • Do not cut off from real life
  • Users physically move here and there

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is also a 3D headset tool that creates a virtual world. In this tool, 75 percent is the virtual world, and 25 percent is in real life. In this tool, the person is physically and sensibly under the control of the machine. Moreover, someone using it can not physically move here and there. Furthermore, users must use a headset. Virtual Reality is highly used in many fields, such as training, marketing, and industrial applications. Lastly, it refers to deep experience.


  • Headset is necessary
  • Replace real life with virtual life
  • Stopped the physical movement
  • Mind is under control by the system

Differences between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

  1. Virtual Reality requires a headset, while Augmented Reality does not demand a headset.
  2. Users can freely walk here and there in an environment of Augmented Reality. On the other hand, in Virtual Reality, users can not move.
  3. Virtual Reality controls the scene, whereas Augmented Reality does not control it.
  4. Virtual Reality replaces the more real life with virtual life compared to Augmented Reality.
  5. Augmented Reality does not cut off from the real world, whereas users of Virtual Reality cut off from Reality.

Comparison table between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Features Augmented Reality Virtual Reality
Scene controlling Not control Control scene
Headset Not required Required
Movement Can physically move Can not physically move
Virtual life 25 percent 75 percent
Real life 75 percent 25 percent


We can say that both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are different.