Vultures vs. Buzzards: What’s the difference?

Have you ever heard that a turkey vulture is referred to as a “buzzard” in the United States? Because of this, many assume that both are the same. In contrast, Vultures and buzzards are not the same. To help you, this article will cover the differences between vultures and buzzards in terms of Classification, habits, species, physical appearance, diet, and social behavior.

What is a vulture?

A carnivorous bird, known as Vulture, is a bald, long-necked bird in physical appearance. In the whole world, vultures contain 23 types of species which are globally divided into two groups: Old World and New World.

In the New World, only seven Vulture species are found. However, the remaining 16 species are located in the Old World. Old World and New World vultures belong to the bird family Accipitridae and Cathartidae, respectively.

What is a buzzard?

Mother Nature’s vacuum cleaner is known as Buzzards. Because of its nature, they arrange a hole for removing dead animals, germs, and parasites from the earth. Buzzards belong to the Accipitridae family of buteo species and have large wings on thermal currents that seek food and live freely.

In addition, these birds belong to a particular kind of 26 hawk species, appearing with just a few names. These names include the European honey-buzzard, lizard buzzard, and common buzzard, native to North America.

Key differences Between Vultures and Buzzards

  • The critical difference is that vultures live in Cold areas, while buzzards can survive in any region of the world compared to vultures.
  • Buzzards, smaller than vultures, prefer to find, attack, and eat their meal through dead animals.
  • Vultures lack hair with enormous gliding wings, large eyelashes with long-range eyesight.
  • In the type of gender, Male Buzzards are effective hunters and prey on the flesh to be seen traveling together as compared to female buzzards with less weight.
  • It is challenging to find lifelong partners in the comparison of buzzards.
  • Buzzards are predators, as opposed to vultures, which are scavengers that affect these two birds to behave differently.
  • Buzzards fly about a much. Vultures are motionless to practice healthy diets.
  • Vultures don’t migrate from one place to another due to their nature of living. On the other hand, Buzzards can be relocated easily.


Both Vultures and Buzzwords are about birds, but the main difference is that Vultures have weak feet according to their physical appearance with a strong sense of smell. On the other hand, buzzards are strong feet, similar to eagles.