Weed Shop 3 vs. Life and Debt: A Real Life Simulator

Weed Shop 3 and Life and Debt: A life simulator is the best pixel art video games that challenge players to accommodate their finances and cash flow.

Main Difference

In Weed, Shop, players learn to manage a cannabis dispensary, while in Life and Debt, players learn to do their routine work smoothly. But before playing these games, a player must be known how to maintain accounts, pay debts, and get a high-salary job.

Despite many similarities, Weed Shop 3 and Life and Debt differ. Let us discuss the significant differences between them.

What is Weed Shop 3?

Weed Shop 3 is a marijuana dispensary simulator with business tactics and management tools. Moreover, there are business mechanics, FPS action, and a crazy storyline that you would expect from the guys that did not smoke crack with Kevin from Tenderloin.

Weed Shop 3 is the 3rd installment series of Weed Shop with updated graphics, gameplay mechanics, customization features, and much more. It is to be mentioned here that cannabis-themed games are legal in some areas, while these are illegal in many regions worldwide. Weed Shop has made immense progress since it was updated in 2021.


  • Inventory and staff management
  • Dealing with law enforcement
  • Achievements unlocking
  • Easy to access

What is Life and Debt: A Real-Life Simulator?

It is a 2D pixel art simulator of routine works. In this game, the player tries to play the role of a person who wants to start an adult life. The players utilize the techniques to become self-dependent and leave the support of their parents. But a person must know the maintenance of accounts, debt payments, and getting a highly paid job. Life and Debt are known for their HD graphics and in-game features.


  • Random events
  • Financial burden
  • Adaptation of adolescences
  • Easy to access
  • Best routine life works

Key Differences between Weed Shop 3 and Life and Debt

  1. The format of Weed Shop is quite different from that of Life and Debt.
  2. Weed Shop is where players manage cannabis dispensaries, while on Life and Debt, players learn to live an independent life.
  3. Weed Shop has more users in comparison to Life and Debt.
  4. Weed Shop 3 presents a virtual picture of running a cannabis dispensary, whereas Life and Debt present the real story of life.
  5. The subject matters of Weed Shop are contrary to Life and Debt.

Comparison table of Weed Shop vs. Life and Debt

Feature Weed Shop Life and Debt
Key focus Running a cannabis dispensary Living an adult life
Graphics HD Ultra HD
Availability Certain regions Across the globe
Number of consumers Less More


In a nutshell, we can say that Weed Shop and Life and Debt: A Real-Life Simulator are pretty different. They differ in their formation, goals, and subject matters.

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