WordPress vs. Custom Websites – What’s the Difference?

WordPress and Custom websites are two well-known Websites that are highly recommended worldwide. These platforms are the best for earning, and both are legitimate Websites that everyone is delighted with.

Main Difference

WordPress is a free online platform where you make a website, create an account, add blogs and content writing, and upload it on social media. On the other hand, Custom Website is worldwide using Platform. Millions of brokers and businesses use this Website to enhance their business. If you don’t know WordPress and Custom Websites clearly, let us discuss the main differences between WordPress and Custom Websites.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website-building platform and system that is highly using in all across the world. It is the best Platform for earning, and millions of people are earning in lacs with the help of WordPress. Moreover, it is an easy path to create websites. Furthermore, it is about an old website that has been providing its services for two decades. Furthermore, it is easy to build your blogs and content writing. In addition, it refers to ready-mode designs, templates, and themes for free. Lastly, WordPress has become a more complex tool for building a Website.

Features and Uses

  • Website building tool
  • Free of cost
  • Free ready-made designs
  • Way of earning
  • Provides web knowledge
  • Customization
  • Enhance the business

What is Custom Website?

Custom Website is a famous and well-known website-building tool that is highly used for enhancing business. It is effortless to use and free of cost for the users. The headquarter of the Custom Website is situated in NewYork. Moreover, it is an earning platform, and millions of people earn money from it. Furthermore, Custom Website is a reliable tool, and users are legit from their use. You can choose the project type that you want to enhance online. In addition, you can express your brand through a Website.

Features and uses

  • Legit and trustworthy
  • Best for enhancing the business
  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Earning platform
  • No need to database

Differences between WordPress and Custom Websites

  1. WordPress needs the database, while Custom Website does not need it.
  2. WordPress design blogs, while Custom Websites have no blogs.
  3. WordPress updates the Website as opposed to Custom Website.
  4. WordPress uses design, on the other hand, Custom Website built from scratch.
  5. Custom websites are quick as compared to WordPress.

Comparison table between WordPress and Custom Website

Features WordPress Custom website
Loading Slowly Quickly
Security Fewer vulnerabilities Needs regular Website
Designs scratch Use pre-made designs
Cost Less costly More costly
Updating Need No need


We can say that WordPress and Custom Websites are different. WordPress and Custom Websites provide their best service. These platforms are serving people to manage and promote their businesses.

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