Yoga vs. Gym

Yoga and Gym are exercise tools that help people maintain fitness and avoid various mental and physical diseases. There are thousands of institutes in the world that provide Yoga and Gym facilities. Moreover, People join Yoga and Gym programs to lose calories and improve their working capabilities.

Main Difference

People use these terms interchangeably and consider that Yoga consists of old and manual techniques. But, the Gym provides advanced facilities, including various machines for different exercises, it is a wrong approach and must be corrected. In this article, we will try to clarify the differences between Yoga and Gym.

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is an exercise in which people use various methodologies to relax the body and mind. Yoga is an outdoor activity that people adopt to relax their minds from the rigid routines of daily life. There is no specific place for Yoga, and early morning is the best time to do it.

With time, Gyms have reduced the use of Yoga, but there are still millions of Yoga performers worldwide. Yoga is a manual exercise in which the body people move their bodies at different angles. In addition, there is no specific Yoga machine in the world. Many Yoga masters taught people yoga skills. Yoga is the best way to improve your memory as well as strengthen your body.

What is Gym?

A gym is where people perform various exercises using equipment and machinery. A gym is an advanced form of Yoga. Yoga is an outdoor activity while Gym is an indoor activity. Most people join Gyms to lose calories, build up their muscles and strengthen their bodies.

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Gym equipment includes dum-bells, spin bikes, rowing machines, ropes, and others. Gyms are present worldwide and charge a specific fee for their services—every big hotel contains a gym. Moreover, different gymnastic events occur in the world. Fat people join gyms and perform challenging exercises to become slim.

Critical differences between Yoga and Gym:

  • Yoga is a manual activity contrary to Gymnasium performing Gym using various types of equipment.
  • Yoga is an outdoor activity while Gym is an indoor activity.
  • Gyms are everywhere, while Yoga centers are scarce worldwide.
  • Different events of Gym take place every year, while Yoga does not have such type of events.
  • People perform Yoga to relax body and brains, while Gym users do it to lose weight.

Comparison Chart between Yoga and Gym

Feature Yoga Gym    
Definition Activity to relax body and mind Activity to lose calories and develop muscles
Activity Outdoor Indoor
Centers No special institutes Gym centers
Mechanism Manual tricks Machine-based
Strictness Easy to perform Hard to perform


We reached the point that Yoga and Gym are entirely different. Yoga is a mental activity, while Gym is a physical activity. These are the main differences between Yoga and Gym.

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