Microsoft Edge vs Chrome – What’s the Difference?

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Microsoft Windows. It is a browser that supports web standards, meaning it displays web pages the way they were intended to be displayed. It also has many built-in features that make web browsing faster and easier. The most well-known feature of Microsoft Edge is its browser Safety Net, which blocks certain bugs and crashes that would otherwise slow down your computer.

Main Difference

The main difference between Microsoft Edge and Chrome is that Microsoft edge is a browser that is controlled by the company. It is the default browser on Windows and is generally considered to be a better browser than Chrome. It is much faster and more reliable than Chrome and has many more features that make browsing easier. However, because it is a product of Microsoft, it is not available on as many operating systems as Chrome is.

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Introduction to Microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser built for Windows that delivers a better experience on Windows 10. It’s fast, secure, and comes with built-in features like Reading View and built-in AdBlock to help you get things done. It’s also the only browser that works with Cortana on Windows 10 so you can ask her questions, set reminders, and find information anywhere you go on the web.

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Microsoft Edge is the browser for Windows. It’s faster and safer than other browsers, and it’s built to make your online experience better. It has advanced features, like in-page search, which makes finding things on the web easier than ever. It works with other apps to bring you a better reading experience and support for advanced web standards like HTML5 and CSS3.

This platform aims to provide a more secure browsing experience for users by providing additional security features such as sending encrypted data to the user rather than the website and blocking ads and trackers by default. This platform is built on the same Windows platform as other browsers, so it will work on any device with a web browser. It is also built with the user in mind, with a focus on providing a better browsing experience.

Microsoft’s edge services are built on the company’s cloud computing platform. The company offers a variety of services that help businesses and organizations capture, analyze, and act on data on the web. Microsoft’s edge services include Intelligent Platform, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze data and provide context and guidance; and Intelligent Edge, which uses sensors and other hardware to capture and process data. The company’s services also include Secure Cloud, which helps organizations secure sensitive data on their premises and in the cloud; and Intelligent Security, which uses machine learning to detect and prevent threats on the network.

Edge Key Features

  • Synchronization across devices
  • Horizontal and vertical tabs
  • Favorites
  • Collections
  • Browser history
  • Extensions
  • Multiple privacy levels
  • Password manager
  • Immersive reader
  • Private browsing

Introduction to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser. It’s the most used browser in the world for a reason: it’s fast, secure, and reliable. It comes preloaded on all Chromebooks, and you can install it on most other computers too. You can even use it on the Android and iOS platforms.

JavaScript is the programming language used to make websites work. It’s the language that powers websites like this one, and it’s the language that powers websites like Google. But JavaScript isn’t the only programming language that can build websites. In fact, there are many other languages that can be used to build and maintain websites.

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Google Chrome, is the web browser that delivers a better web experience than you get from Microsoft Internet Explorer and other web browsers. This tutorial will show you how to use the latest version of Chrome, which includes many new features, such as Incognito browsing, Autofill, and Background tabs. You will also learn how to use the new tab page, which recommends sites to visit, and how to save and organize pages and extensions in the new tab page bookmarks page. This tutorial uses Google Chrome, but the same principles also apply to other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Chrome Key Features

  • Synchronization across devices
  • Horizontal tabs
  • Tab groups
  • Bookmarks
  • Reading list
  • Browser history
  • Extensions
  • Themes, including dark mode
  • Password manager
  • Task manager for websites
  • Private browsing

Key Differences Between Microsoft Edge and Chrome

The most obvious difference between Microsoft Edge and Chrome is the browser plugins. Microsoft Edge comes with the Edge browser, which is a modern browser that supports all of the latest web standards and technologies. It also has a built-in ad blocker and antivirus scanner.

  • The Edge browser is a great browser, but it’s not quite as fast or reliable as Chrome.
  • Microsoft Edge is a web browser that is part of Windows. It is the default web browser on Windows computers.
  • The difference between Microsoft Edge and Chrome is that Microsoft edge supports fewer features than Chrome. It does not support extensions, background tabs, or incognito mode.
  • The biggest difference between Microsoft Edge and Chrome is that Microsoft edge is a browser that is designed specifically for Microsoft devices.
  • It will not work on other operating systems, such as Android or iOS. Instead, Microsoft edge is designed to work specifically on Windows operating systems. This means that it will not work on other operating systems without being changed.

Comparison Chart Between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Comparison Microsoft Edge  Chrome 
Default Search Engine  Bing Google
Resource Consumption  Uses 665 MB RAM Uses 1.4 GB of RAM
Release Date  29th April 2015 2nd September 2008
Developer  Microsoft Corporation Google
Programming Language  C# and C++ Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Python, Assembly language, HTML.
License  Proprietary software Freeware


Microsoft’s edge computing platform is a powerful platform for delivering fast, personalized experiences. It gives you the ability to build intelligent experiences that recognize people and things, perform actions, and respond in a contextually relevant way. It’s the next platform for building great digital experiences and driving business value. In this course, you will learn how to build modern web and mobile applications that leverage edge computing to provide a better user experience. Google Chrome is a web browser. It’s the most used browser in the world. Furthermore, it’s the only browser that works with Google Search and Google Chrome Extensions. It’s fast and secure.

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