Stardew Valley vs. Animal Crossing

The main difference between “Stardew Valley” and “Animal Crossing” is how each game adopts a more realistic or a less real world. You will notice that this comparison of Stardew Valley vs. Animal Crossing is about their graphics. A big enough difference to be seen. Indeed, there is no doubt that “Stardew Valley” has better graphics than “Animal Crossing.”

You can also notice a difference in gameplay. Indeed, unlike Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley engages players into a more realistic world.


Stardew Valley vs. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a life simulator that has you slowly filling out your daily schedule with mundane tasks. It’s a fun way to spoil some time, but Stardew Valley focuses more on exploration and building relationships with the townsfolk. If you’re looking for something relaxing, try Animal Crossing, but if you enjoy a challenge or want a more robust experience, Stardew Valley is a great choice.

In stardew valley, you inherit a farm and must work to maintain it while befriending the nearby townsfolk. While Animal Crossing is a life simulator, Stardew Valley feels like an adventure.

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Supported Platforms – Stardew Valley vs. Animal Crossing

Stardew Valley is available on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Animal Crossing is available on Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS (Hyrule Edition), and Wii U (Keza Edition). It’s important to consider that Stardew Valley is also available on Xbox One and PS4.


In stardew valley, you can design your own house almost exactly as you want it, plant flowers and trees wherever you want to. In animal crossing, you can also design your home in great detail and live in a town populated by animals that you must get to know to make friends. Both options are great, but I love how you can make your house in Stardew Valley.


New Leaf had more variety in the things I could do around town, and a lot more of them seemed to have some effect on gameplay.

Stardew valley has a better UI, clearer fonts, and more exciting animals. The animals in animal crossing also have more personality, as their houses exist on the map.

Crafting System

Stardew Valley wins this category by a landslide. Animal Crossing has a crafting system in which you can combine furniture. There is no symmetry or reason to the combinations, and it does not affect gameplay or anything else. Stardew Valley’s crafting system allows you to build fences, barns, coops, etc.

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What Should You Play in 2022?

Stardew Valley vs. Animal Crossing

As I’ve become obsessed with both games’ relaxed yet addicting gameplay, I decided to compare them in a head-to-head fight to find out which game reigns supreme.

Animal Crossing has a lot more charm because of its ability to stay unpredictable and unique throughout the years.

Comparison between Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing

  • Both games have similar mechanics, but Animal Crossing has more focused gameplay on life simulation.
  • Stardew Valley has a lot more content, but Animal Crossing has a highly addicting battle system.
  • Stardew valley has a better UI, clearer fonts, and more interesting animals. The animals in animal crossing also have more personality, as their houses exist on the map.
  • Stardew Valley is a highly addicting RPG that you should play in 2022. Animal Crossing has more charm, but Stardew valley wins this battle between the two games.


Some people are still unsure whether to choose Stardew Valley over Animal Crossing. The best argument for choosing Stardew Valley is that it is built for gaming, while Animal Crossing is meant to be more of a social experience.

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